Golf Trolley Battery Charger LC-2213 with T Bar Connector for Powakaddy Trolley Hill Billy Terrain


Experience reliable and efficient charging with the Golf Trolley Battery Charger LC-2213, specifically designed for use with Powakaddy and Hill Billy Terrain golf trolleys. This 12V 4 amp charger is perfect for lead acid batteries and comes equipped with the convenient Powakaddy T-bar connector. Known for its intelligent or automatic charging capabilities, the LC-2213 automatically tests the battery and applies the necessary charge to bring your battery back to optimum performance without overcharging.


  • Specifically Designed: Perfectly matches Powakaddy Freeway, Classic, Sport, Touch, and Hill Billy Terrain trolleys.
  • Intelligent Charging: Automatically adjusts the charge level to prevent overcharging and maintain battery health.
  • 3-Stage Charging Process: Includes desulphation, top up, and trickle charge stages for comprehensive battery care.
  • Easy to Use: ‘Connect and Forget’ technology ensures your battery is always in top condition.

The Golf Trolley Battery Charger LC-2213 is a smart investment for any golfer who values convenience and reliability. It’s designed to work seamlessly with specific golf trolley models, ensuring your battery is efficiently charged and maintained for the long term. Equip your golf trolley with the LC-2213 and enjoy uninterrupted golf sessions, powered by reliable and consistent battery performance.

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