Leisure Pursuits Golf Battery Charger 3Amp Fully Automatic 3-pin for Ben Sayers Golf Trolley

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High quality battery charger suitable for use on all Golf Trolleys fitted with 18Ah to 36Ah deep cycle lead acid batteries either AGM or Silica Gel.
This 100% original manufacturers item has been purchased for many years by Leisure Pursuits to not only support this manufacturers golf trolleys that we have sold, but also to support many other similar products from the same factory. We unreservedly guarantee this product for 2 years on a FREE replacement basis if it fails.
Will fit most brand variants of: Pro Rider, ‘X’Sports, Ben Sayers, Bentley, Caddymatic, Fazer, Headway Pro, Hillman, Leisure Pursuits, Offmetrolley, Powerbug GT, Precision, Proforce, Promaster, Rider, Stowamatic amongst many others using this type of connector. 6Mm centres between pins. (If unsure please email you make and model before ordering).



Elevate your golfing experience with the Leisure Pursuits Golf Battery Charger 3Amp, fully automatic with a 3-pin connector, specifically designed for Ben Sayers Golf Trolleys. Ideal for all golf trolleys fitted with 18Ah to 36Ah deep cycle lead acid batteries, including AGM or Silica Gel types, this charger ensures your trolley is always ready for action. Enjoy hassle-free charging with a product that has stood the test of time, supported by a two-year free replacement guarantee.


  • Widely Compatible: Fits most brand variants like Pro Rider, ‘X’Sports, Ben Sayers, Bentley, and more.
  • Advanced Charging Technology: 3-stage charging process including float charge for optimal battery maintenance.
  • Safety and Certification: CE certified with built-in protections like short circuit and timing control.
  • Automatic Operation: ‘Connect and Forget’ technology for effortless charging.

If you’re looking for a reliable, easy-to-use battery charger that’s specifically designed for golf trolleys, the Leisure Pursuits Golf Battery Charger is an excellent choice. It offers advanced features, broad compatibility, and a commitment to quality that will keep your trolley operating at its best.

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